Today at the test
Utter disgrace !! Some of those played were nothing short of scandalous, Ashes gone now what’s the betting they are 150-2 at close !!
Fuck me - just looked to see how they were getting on after lunch. Holy shit!
Well, this is what T20 has brought to the game. I hope the ECB are happy. They and the players have achieved their white ball goal, the Ashes is irrelevant to them. Sad.
Clarnet v2.0
67 all out 1st Innings in an Ashes test on home soil is frankly a fucking joke. The players should give the England fans their money back.
A team full of white ball cloggers can't play test cricket, shock. At least we have the Hundred to look forward to next summer.
(08-23-2019, 12:59 PM)KratosBaggie Wrote: Roy, Root, Bairstow, Stokes and Buttler all need dropping for the next Test. They clearly have no desire to win a Test match right now and are clearly struggling with the come down after winning the World Cup.

What an utter shambolic series this has been from a batting perspective.

The selectors need a shooing for selecting the likes of Denly, not like he is young and up and coming.
At least Joe Denly will be able to say he top scored in an England innings.
Aye, says it all really.
Isn’t 67 all out the equivalent of losing about 10-0 to Germany?
How can we be world champions and a national disgrace at the same time smh

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