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Gordon "sundog" Carswell RIP
I thought Rommel was Leafy?
the original Rommel was Sundog surely? but the last one was questioned and made me doubt - though as a great man once said, the board is full of IMBERSEALS
V sad to hear of his passing, his posts were always different, always contrarian, but by the sounds of things the old IMBERSEAL had a good life and a good innings. RIP Sundoggy.
Journalists. The good ones are to be cherished.

RIP Sundog. I hope his family get to see this. Always an entertaining read.
Funeral was yesterday - I wonder if the gadgy doing the service quoted any 'Sundogisms' ?

RIP Gordon
RIP Sundog.
As an unknown, but longtime lurker, probably for 12 or more years, I always enjoyed his posts.

He will be missed.
Rommel; not me

I briefly posted as sungod

I came to praise him; not bury him
In equal measures he was the BAIN/BLISS of our beloved board.

God's in for a rough ride now he's up there with him.

I'd say RIP to you fella but I know for a fact that you won't be capable of it!

Will miss you mate x

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