Greetings from Puerto Viejo Costa Rica
Anyone been travelling to Costa Rica and any advice? We’re here for 3 weeks travelling around. 

Local Imperial Beer ain’t too shabby.
Make sure you go zip-lining
Sposed to be bostin for eco stuff. Birding, animals and plants etc. I was there in 1974 and had a great time. It was Xmas time and everyone had December off and got 2 installments their 13 month yearly salary. I bet it's changed a bit.
Saw a great deal (relatively) for a multi-Centre trip this year but the kids didn’t fancy it because it meant changing hotels twice. Little fuggers. Hope to book for next year and if they don’t fancy it they can stay with their fuggin grandparents.
We’ve done San Jose (just for the night after we landed - don’t spend any time there) Puerto Viejo for three nights (in Punta Uvo today) then over to the Arenal Volcano, Rio Peridido, Monteverdi (rain forest affair) then to Uvita.

Zip lining is a must

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