Chris Grey Blog
Fantastic analysis based mainly upon facts and grown up analysis. A must read blog for anyone who cares about our country:

Incredible paragraph summing  up where we are now:

For remainers, there is no way to get back to 2016, just as for leavers there is no way forward to get what they were promised in 2016. In that sense, just as Brexit is on hold so too is Britain – suspended between an unrecoverable past and an unattainable future. Brexit has ceased to be, if indeed it ever was, understandable simply as an ‘institutional’ question about Britain’s membership of the EU. Instead it has morphed into a cultural battle about what Britain - England, especially, but not just England – is. So it has ceased to have an institutional answer, deliverable by normal forms of politics and policymaking. It is an aporia, a pathless path, with no way forward and no way back.
Great read that. This, coupled with the race towards electric cars and need to cut back on carbon reliance, the rise of the far right, the general inequity of many "civilised" societies and the failure of our 2 party political system, has all served to leave everyone stranded from their traditional voting pattern. Fact is, something needed to change.

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