Brillaint show...shot with some verve and class. I really liked the sub plot about the animal cull and the three men wandering arround with WWII (or 'Great Patriotic War if your russian) rifles. The shot of the dieing cows eye all with the reflected lights in it, a cool nod to the Russian classic 'Come and see'.

But the main action is just brillaint . Such a well told story . No stupid accented english either. Which is always just silly.
Brilliant, brilliant series.....I'm not into dramas or box sets, never seen GOT, Sopranos or others people go on about but watched all 5 episodes of Chernobyl in one go
Just watched the first episode... so bleak but also impossible to look away.
It brings home how close we actually were to a major nuclear disaster that would have affected all of Europe
I’m 4 episodes into the 5. It’s weird because it’s not exactly action packed but you just can’t take your eyes off it.
The 4th episode is imho the weakest of the 5. Episode 5 is just the best bit of tv since Band of Brothers. Absolute magnificent television. If Jared Harris and co do not sweep the board in the forthcoming award season then the game is truly corupt.
Dreaming of sunlit uplands.
I watch very little tv, but found this superb.
Makes you wonder had the worse had happened back then (1986)

& remember as it was the USSR no one knew or was told by them

How would we all be now (humans or mutes?)
Voices of Chernobyl is a great book if you like this show.
(06-08-2019, 09:36 PM)Duffers Wrote: Just watched the first episode... so bleak but also impossible to look away.

You think that's bleak. It just gets worse. That blob of juddering slime was a man once!

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