Eu election results tonight
(05-27-2019, 07:42 PM)dryrun Wrote: Note how the BBC and Sky are aggregating the votes of parties that want a 2nd referendum and those that want pure remain for a 'remain' total % of votes. But they are only counting votes for 'Leave with no deal' parties as the % of voters who want to leave.

If they are aggregating broad remain parties together, they need to aggregate broad leave parties together and add the Tories' % to the Brexit Party and UKIP's total.

That gives 44% leave to 40% remain. Labour is all over the place and can't be placed in either.

As things stand remain parties got 8m or so votes.

Doesn't really outweigh 17.4m...

They're separating it like that because you can't tell the intentions of the Tory voters on Brexit, much the same as the Labour voters. The other parties had explicit platforms on Brexit, either a second referendum and campaign to stay or leave without a deal, meanwhile the Tories were being hammered by the Farage cult of personalty as being remainers.

Regardless, this doesn't matter either way as it wasn't a proxy second referendum. Hence the turnout being significantly lower.

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