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sorry folks but in amongst all this footy nonsense the wife's birthday has snook up on me.

she asked for a fit bit or the like and she also does a bit of cycling (I deliberately avoided use of the word "riding").

anyone recommend a good gadget I can get her that does the fit bit thing but with cycling apps too please.

I am around Dudley so a suggestion of where to nip and get one would help as well please.


oh arrrr nearly forgot.................. SOTV, Grealish is a cheating twat, football's bent, FFP is pointless, our squads decimated, villa fans are all wankers and wim doomed

Just checking this isn't a didn't mean fit bird??
If you're wife is a serious runner/ walker / cycling person, I would consider the Garmin Forerunner models. They are a bit more expensive than the Fit Bits, but the accuracy and features far out way Fit Bit.

All depends on how much you would like to spend, and the uses of said gadget.
Another vote for a Garmin, records cycling, running, cardio, walking, and swimming etc

Cycling activities syncs easily with Strava, if she uses that
I had fitbits and just used my Garmin Forerunner 205 for running but after each of my fitbits broke as they don't particularly last very well (customer service is brilliant though), I moved on to a Garmin Forerunner 235 and wear it not just as my running watch but my everyday watch too as it does everything a fitbit can and more.
I've had a couple of fit bits and I wouldn't recommend them, both mine and the misses Charge HR's came away from the strap.
cheers boys, I bought the Garmin forerunner 35.  quite basic for the Garmin but she's no athlete and she did ask for a fit bit so a definite upgrade on that.

looked at the 235, thought it looked nicer but I don't like her that much Big Grin

I love this dump!!!

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