Erik Pieters
(03-04-2024, 07:19 PM)baggiebloke Wrote:
(03-04-2024, 07:11 PM)Pragmatist Wrote:
(03-04-2024, 06:18 PM)Fulham Fallout Wrote:
(03-04-2024, 05:55 PM)Pragmatist Wrote:
(03-04-2024, 02:38 PM)Malcolm Tucker Wrote: Yes but they weren’t mediocre players at Sheffield fucking Wednesday! Wallace, Swift & Mowatt were all star players for their respective sides, and Yokuslu is simply a class act. 

There’s no chance we’d have paid the colour of a £3m transfer fee for Reach, so I struggle to see why all sense and reason should go out the window purely because it’s a “free” transfer…

Those clubs being Millwall, Barnsley and Wigan if I recall - all smaller clubs than Sheffield Wednesday 

I don’t recall Reach being bad at Sheffield Wednesday. 

It is possible of course that Reach’s signing on fee isn’t being paid over the whole of his contract. It might just have been over the first one year or two years

Reading wor it?

Yep you’re correct.  My bad

What does this actually mean?

It means I got it wrong

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