I was a strong Brexiteer. Now we must swallow our pride and think again
(04-12-2019, 08:57 AM)boingingjim Wrote: If the result had been 52 / 48 in favour of remain what steps would you believe the Government would have taken to find a compromise on remaining?

I would have thought it would have given an impetus to review within the UK and EU why there was such a narrow margin (and don't forget that a close result to stay (as anticipated by Farage and the Kippers) would have led to constant sniping by them and their mates in the mass communciation media) against the EU and policies and probably for another vote (again, Farage).

I voted Leave partly because I loathe the EU Commission and its useless, lazy, overpaid functionaries and the huge gravy train commercial Lobby in Brussells and it was a free hit. I also expected the vote to be Remain and I was registering a protest vote - I wouldn't have minded a close remain vote as a wake-up call.

If I were voting now it would be Remain.  The shit and lies and ignorance about how easy it would be to just leave the EU are appalling.  Just one example:  With an apparent imminent departure from the Single Market, The Environment l Agency are no longer issuing Waste transfer note approval thingies for shifting environmental waste the UK can't process across to those EU countries that can process/re-cycle.  Absent membership of the Single Market, a deal is needed to maintain necessary/vital movements.  No wonder Gove, as the relevant minister, has found that, as a Brexiteeer, reality bites.  Even within a customs union, product movements won't be frictionless and the non-tariff barriers will be heavy for the UK.

The Remain faction contains hard-line elements (including Tory Party entrists) that are idealogues and chaos worshippers for their own ends and what appear to be angry nihilists who don't have their own ends - they just don't care about self-administered chaos and harm so long as the Leave vote is followed regardless.  There are Remainers that are reasonable but with a lot there just isn't any debate to be had, which is a huge pity.

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