When will we, will we leave Europe???
They can't answer...  They can't answer that.... 


Fricking bunch of morons... Sack the lot of them and put the fraggles in charge...
Of course they can't answer that. We're less than two weeks from the deadline though and haven't passed a withdrawal agreement nor are we anywhere near ready to even contemplate leaving without a deal
Delayed til 30th June with an option of further delay is what she is begging for.

Euro elections should be great fun
I'm convinced more than ever, we're leaving next Friday with no deal. Gird your loins.
Leave means leave and we are leaving on the 29th March.

What plans do folks have to celebrate getting our country back?
If May was a real negotiator, then she is about to enter a period where she could call the shots and the EU
might blink. The 29th is upon us, the 27 would be mad to allow an exit without a deal of some kind. The
number of voices across the 27 suggesting that the EU team need to compromise a little to avoid a no deal
grows and Tusk and his team will be under pressure to deliver. May is under less pressure than ever, she
will be gone soon, she could now roll the dice again in a final attempt to get her deal across the line and
leave on a high. I doubt she has got the nerve, in which case her leaving will be by the back door and not
a good sight. 

Finally, the very last thing that the EU will want is our involvement in elections, they will not want the European
parliament filled with Brexit supporters which is most likely to happen in the event that we have to be included.

Leaving without agreement is mutually assured disaster, both sides might be able to plan for the short
term consequences, but the medium to long term are the plans that no one can make or mitigate.
(03-20-2019, 01:37 PM)HeathAyIt Wrote: Leave means leave and we are leaving on the 29th March.


Boring food, a pint of luke warm old mans tadger beer and a yellow vest.
EU have pretty much said accept the Withdrawal Agreement deal they agreed or it's No Deal. The later was always the default option in no agreement could be arranged.
Tusk said they will accept short delay if agreement is voted thru next week.
If its voted thru why delay?

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