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If Sideshow Bob goes to Stoke
and we use the part-exchange, who do you fancy?
Rodney? Big NO from me. Too old.
Joselu? Can't remember ever seeing him do anything.
Djiouf? Senegalese twin strikers?
Walters? At least it would stop him scoring against us.
Adam? No way -fat ugly git.
Totally agree
Walters, all day long.
I think we should take Crouchy, just so we can have Abbey Clancy in the stands
If anyone, Walters please.
Joselu has always looked very good when I've seen him, although his scoring record isn't great. Would go for him or Walters. Diouf would be decent too
Walters. He's a pro, and would bring a new angle to our attacking options.

Plus, we'd have two attacking Jonathans then, the Two Jonnies.
Suspect it will be a straight sale
Crouch is 35 so well past his sell by date, if we do take one of Stoke`s forwards then it has to be Walters as he can
also play on the flanks. If the club do decide to go with only 3 strikers then I`d prefer someone younger and reliable like Borja
Baston as Sakho hasn't got a greatest fitness record, Crouch who`s 35, Sakho always injured, and Rondon just wouldn't cut
it for me, I`d be well happy with a strike force of RONDON, SAKHO, WALTERS, and BASTON.
As already stated, i can't see a player swap that could potentially complicate the deal - both parties will want it done ASAP so it'll be a straight cash purchase.

That said, i'd go for Diouf - he plays with Sakho for Senegal, would be great back up for Rondon when he's flying to and from Venezuela, wouldn't command massive wages, seems a Pulis kind of player, has a half decent scoring record and is still relatively young.

Pulis will probably want Crouch or Walters though.

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