Second referendum
EThe leave campaign never thought they’d win - so promised things that were undeliverable 

If a political party had done this then they’d be voted out of government. A good example of this would be Clegg and the Lib Dem’s. they’ve literally disappeared because of tutition-gate.

Yes, we were told by Cameron that this vote was final etc but we were also told that 300 million a week would go to the NHS, negotiating trade deals would be easy and the EU place silly regulations on fruit (ffs!)

Not to mention the fact that its been ruled that if the referendum wasn’t only ADVISORY then it would be discarded because of Vote Leave’s foul play. How is that democratic?!?!?

Leavers only seem to cling onto their holier than thou democratic values when it suits.

Democracy is power to the people - now that we know th facts, give it back to the public to decide!!! !

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