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Chinese take away
Some chap of Twitter just pulled an article from the Chinese press.  In summary, takeover of WBA in first week of July. 

Interesting! The guy mentioned is worth £29.8 Billion.  

Not sure how I feel.  I'm a massive JP fan, but I suppose we need to trust his judgement.
Any link at all Ronnie?
Picture attached

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Can only wait and see.

We have certainly been strengthening links with China as shown by sponsorship last couple of years. We are an investment that makes sense to someone looking to invest money sensibly, it won't be a takeover to make us into champions but one to hopefully push a little bit further than Peace is able to.

Peace has done an excellent job overall, a few blips on the way, but overall the club is unrecognisable from the one he took over, just got to hope it works out if true.
He looks like Steve Marriot!
There's a bit more about him on the 'Alibaba' thread below.  He seems the real deal . . .
He looks like the crazy Chinaman from The Hangover.

Suck my Chinese nuts  Big Grin
I cant wait for us to be taken over by a Chinese billionaire.Its the only chance in my lifetime of seeing us win a cup or premier league.Would be incredible to go on a ride like citehs!!!
The idea of being taken over by the Chinese scares the shit out of me TBH

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