Board Funding.
(06-06-2019, 11:49 AM)Birdman1811 Wrote: Hi all.

The server host just announced a price increase, its small but does mean the funds won't stretch as far now. We have a little over a month left now so any donations will be welcomed.

Rather than Paypal are there bank details Birdy? PM me if you like.
Birdmon - what's the score?
I will do an update today. Keep forgetting until I turn my computer off. I'll do it today, promise!
OP has been updated.
Cheers Birdy
Based on the update to the funding being at 13 months now, it won't take a lot to keep us going for much longer. By my reckoning if 10 of us put £2 in a month then this dump will stay open for nearly 5 years at today's rates.

I'm in - anyone else want to put £2 a month in via a standing order, need 9 others.

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