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Pete Shelley RIP
Oh shit!
RIP Mr Shelley.
1978, and a winter's drive, through the darkness to Felixstowe, to catch the last ferry of the day to Zeebrugge. First time I'd heard Ever fallen in love and I must have hard it at least another four times by the time I'd parked the car (it was a hired Vauxhall Cavalier, pale blue - that's how clear the memory is). Couldn't wait to hear it again on the drive back a couple of days later.

I know some will consider this sacrilege, but I also liked the Fine Young Cannibals version, although never as much as the original.

Forty years ago, that drive; I feel old.
I know of him, but don't know too much about him.

Did he live a rock n roll lifestyle, or was he just taken too young??

I've played Never Fallen in Love in every band I've been in for nearly 30 years. He had the ability to sum up all that being a skinny teenager entailed in song. What a songwriter - RIP Pete.
Me and my mates all loved "What Do I get" as THE Buzzcocks "punk" single and style at the time (it helped that Oh Shit was the B side).  Then a bit later "Love You More", which influenced The Razorcuts (I worked with Tim Vass joint member).

All our yesterdays....

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