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Best Standups
Did he really? Day know that.

I'm gonna have to find some youtube clips of him at dinner.
(12-06-2018, 11:05 AM)Duffmon Wrote: Seeing that the other thread is already going that way let’s discuss our favourite comedians...

Best that I’ve seen live:

Ricky Gervais
Stewart Lee
Eddie Izzard
Doug Stanhope
Chris Rock

All time faves:

Richard Pryor
Bill Hicks

Decent list that Duff.  TBF, I found Gervais in The Office and Extras much funnier than his stand up

Im not sure how much they still do, but Dave Spikey and Ross Noble were v good when I saw them
Dave Allen

Rhod Gillbert
Ricky Gervais
Al Murray
Sean Locke
Dave Gorman

Was not a fan of Robin Williams, but he came out on a meet and greet trip when I was in the Gulf and he was brilliant. Just ripped the piss for a hour or so.
How could I have overlooked Dave Allen?

Absolute genius.
Ken Dodd
Frank Carson
Bill Hicks
Stewart Lee
Dave Allen
Lenny Bruce
Frankie Boyle
(12-06-2018, 11:19 AM)Duffmon Wrote:
(12-06-2018, 11:13 AM)Glos_baggie Wrote: I know some people cant stand him, but Peter Kay is side splitting funny imo

Had tickets for that tour he pulled out of this year, which was a shame.

Yeah so did I
Can I count Tommy Cooper?
I forgot Emo Philips
Lenny Henry when he did his autobiographical tour, it was all jokes about growing up in Dudley.
(12-06-2018, 12:57 PM)P_K Wrote: Can I count Tommy Cooper?

Which brings me to Reginald D Hunter. Went to see him a few years back, but was a bit disappointed. Find him funnier in small doses like this...


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