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Ipswich away
I was at the CP dislocated shoulder game, my memory was that he was sent off too. I’ve been once since, a notorious game on this bored. #1106

Didn’t we smash ‘em after Palace away. Sacked Robson, Pearson did one game and quit and then Shakespeare(?) has a gonbefore ToMo got the gig. Phillips hat trick? Or am I getting the games wrong way round?

I’ll be there in a few weeks for the Friday game, me plus 3.
My opinion matters
I remember the 5-1 win with Mowbray in charge, about 2007?
Phillips hat trick with one an absolute peach of a goal. I was sitting with the Ipswich fans (friends) and was right in line of the finish.
West Brom break - Koumas 50 yard crossfield pass to Gear on the right wing. One touch and whips in a pearler of a cross for Phillips to bury the header.
Brilliant goal - I couldn't help but celebrate (as my 6/7 year old did too) and fair play to the Ipswich fans, a number of them applauded too.
(10-12-2018, 06:44 PM)Duffmon Wrote: I was there when we won 3-2 in the second promitiom season under Meggo. Dyer and Koumas scored twice in a minute then the Horse netted the winner at the very end.

Wasn't there some kind of weird own goal in that match too?

Their second goal...….

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