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Democracy Wins?
I think so.

question was put to the people and they have answered it.

people might not like the answer but it has to be adhered to.
I don't like the result but it's been quite empowering. A remarkable night.
Historical night.

In 25 years time I personally don't see this as something that is going to be looked back on as a triumph though.
If anything proved how divided this country is then this referendum was it. Mainly London and the Scots v the rest of the uk.

Now all we need are politicians who can actually run a country and it ain't Cameron, Osborne, Corbyn or Farage.
I dare say there are already people working hard behind the scenes to get this decision reversed at some point in the next two years.
I'm working hard behind the scenes to get myself a Maltese passport.
Well I hope those that voted leave don't piss and moan when it bites them financially hard on the arse! What a crap day already l, I firstly find we are throwing ourselves needlessly into financial risk but then I find I have more in common with well educated London graduates when I don't bloody live there.

Here's to the potential break up of the U.K.

Financially uncertainty for at least two years

Another potential general election where Gove and Boris lead the way potentially.

Can't wait to see how we all pull together after this.
So now we have thrown our toys out of the pram, what next? Indecision and squabbling will now become the order of the day and we can expect the same sort of behaviours we have had for the last few months to continue unabated ad infinitum.
Bad day for common sense, bad day for all of us in the long run I'm afraid. Cameron has to go, mainly because the daft twat gave the proles the choice in the first place, not because he lost. Nightmare.
Cameron has to stay IMHO. I hate the fucker for calling this referendum simply to cement his own position, and we are going to suffer quite badly financially, and probably in other ways too. But we simply cannot add politically instability into the mix, it would be mental.
(06-24-2016, 04:40 AM)MGalea Wrote: I'm working hard behind the scenes to get myself a Maltese passport.

Think I will let my kids keep their German passports!

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