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Jeez, getting worse by the week!

What was he doing with that handball !(again).

Just got back so beer influenced post but that defensive set up scares the life out of me.
Looks a total waste of circa £4m ... Forwards go past him like he's not there, can't pass or play football, gives the ball away, constantly fouls and not very good in the air

Then played Left sided CB which makes him look even worse

Sadly he'll be an ever present this season and that likely means it's virtually impossible for to get promoted as teams will continue to get lots of chances hence clean sheets will be as rare as rocking horse shit
Has'nt got any worse. He was always that bad.
The difference is he smiles less.
That is because even he realises he is convincing less people.
Championship experience my arse.
A liability.
Never have I seen 3 CBs less suited to 3 at the back than Dawson , Hegazi and Bart man
Swansea had a centre half crisis and they still got rid!!!!

We'd have been better off spending £4 mill on a right back.
He’s Matt Carbon
(09-15-2018, 06:26 AM)aj21 Wrote: He’s Matt Carbon

He's worse than Matt Carbon
Blairite Scum
You never realise what you’ve got till it’s gone. GMac - every header won as opposed to most headers lost or leaving it to drop.
Hegazi is somehow worse!
All three look shite.

I'd have Tosin in for Bartley at least he's better at bringing the ball out.

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