Self Defeating Starmer
But this is an issue regarding prosecution and the legal system, it doesn't matter about who the person is or how high profile they are, due process needs to be followed and every case needs to be treated with the same level of scrutiny, the cock ups that led to the failure to prosecute Saville were made at the level of procedure where no DPP should be involved in otherwise they would be bogged down by thousands of cases, hence there being a reviewing lawyer that is there to be the CPS overview.

I think it's fair to say there were issues with the 2013 guidance and the fallout of Operation Yewtree but those changes in guidance were made in response to the failures of the previous sets of guidance that ultimately enabled Saville to escape justice and hamstrung the Worboys case.
(03-12-2021, 02:41 PM)Derek Hardballs Wrote:  what is better since 2010...

You have smugly and snidely asked this question numerous times, well here you go.
Parents who lose a child receive two weeks' paid bereavement leave.
Neonatal pay for parents of premature babies.
Banning the sale of new Leasehold houses.
Abolishing of VAT on sanitary products. (Couldn’t be done in E.U. despite the usual arguments)
Abolishing V.A.T.  on books and academic journals.
Pensions raised. Triple lock kept for this government period. (Remember the usual suspect on here saying it would be done away with)
Larger toilets for disabled compulsory from 2021 . (Even though we do treat our disabled abysmally compared to the E.U. and their rights would be cut within days of this current lot got in. Right? )
More Afghan interpreters allowed to settle. (Racist Cons. Eh.)
Law to make it illegal to buy crops grown on illegally felled rainforests. (This lot don’t care about the environment Right?)
The introduction of a new visa which gives 5.4 million Hong Kong residents the right to come and live in the UK, and eventually become citizens. (Damned racist Cons. again)
Ban on exporting plastic waste.
Everyone permanently injured in NI trouble will receive compensation / pensions for life.
Bringing forward the ban on Petrol car sales. (Remember some on here saying Britain’s environment will be up the Suwannee on day one this current lot got in.)
Starting to undo some of the  ‘Beeching’ cuts.
Funding to increase bus services and introduce all electric buses.
Tree planting has risen significantly since the Cons. came to power .(Again, so much for the other lot being better for the environment.)
Statutory sick pay started on day one of illness during Civid19 virus.
Living Wage up by an average of 5.8%. (4 times rate of inflation. Wages rose by 2.9% 2018/19)
Flood defence budget doubled
Rise in threshold before NI is paid. Meaning 500,000 will not pay. Others will save £85 per year. (obviously superseded due to Covid knackering the economy)
Record £100Bn investment in infrastructure .
£1 billion to increase mobile coverage to 95% of the U.K.
Increase in post primary places in NI.
Spending on research and development doubled. (Remember some said it would collapse after we left the EU)
The siting of Existing and new Government Depts. in the midlands and the north.
Just for ref: Tunna Blair ‘signed up’ to the UN aid spending target of 0.5% of GDP in 2005. But it was only achieved by 2013 under the Cameron led (Tory) government.
Don’t bother with the usual “But, but, but Tory cuts” etc. We know that line off by heart now.

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