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Lessons from the last 8 years in the PL
Overall, I like the way the club has generally done things in their own way during it's time in the premier league. Clearly, there have been plenty of moments where we have been seen as amateur/small time in the way we have handled certain transfers and disruptive/high value players. However, I quite like the fact that we have clearly been a club that is very professional, rarely pushed around by bigger clubs and has been reasonably savvy financially.

A bit boring maybe, but much better than being like any of the other Midlands teams.

Also, we have always been shit with loans!
(06-13-2018, 09:43 AM)Redbone Wrote: ...
Secondly,  don't go and buy a Gareth Barry type player at incredible expense,  which immediately blocks the progression of a Sam Field type player.   I long for the days when a reserve side was just that.  If your left back got injured,  you didn't shuffle the back four around, you brought in the left back from the reserves.

I think we have been appalling at bringing young players through for the past decade and have wasted a fortune on Billy Bigbollocks mercenaries who have not affection for the club or the paying fans.

I felt Dawson improved as a central defender when alongside the chap from Wolverhampton (via Everton and Man City), shame Dawson was pushed out to right-back, but he did well there.   Had we a manager sooner, Dawson could have moved back to the middle and we could have cashed in on Evans instead of spoiling his reputation.

I'm happy if a mature, experienced player comes along and helps our youngsters.   Mature, not pompous.

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