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Dinosaur extinction part two
(05-16-2018, 06:48 PM)Dreamkiller Wrote: When your team go a goal up, you can go for a second goal, or shut up shop. Under Pulis I honestly used to dread us going a goal up early on, because I knew I'd spend the rest of the match watching the opposition outplay us until they got the equaliser.

Sometimes it worked and we'd sneak the win, but I never enjoyed the matches, and towards the end I was barely celebrating the win because the majority of games were turning into a complete drudge. Corner, header, goal, that's yer lot.

If you're good enough to take the lead, be good enough to go for a second or a third. It'll work or fail as often as parking the bus, but the overall experience is so.much greater. That's the excitement that I think most supporters would prefer. I don't think it's too much to ask for the money we hand over.

Everton fans singing "Fuck off Big Sam," your fans singing "Tony Pulis, your football is shit." If that's the sound of fans happy to make up the numbers, I'd really rather not (ever again).

Glad it wasn't just me.

I've always been fairly relaxed at football games... yes if I've had a couple drinks the moment takes over, but I've never experienced anxiety during games like I did under Pulis. Just knowing that if you went 1-0 down the game was effectively over ruins the enjoyment of the game. It fast moves from hoping your team score to hoping your team don't concede, and hope that the opposition is the team to make the big mistake that will almost certainly lead to the deciding goal.
Personally I want to see us win. I think most fans are the same. I want to see us win playing well, exciting the crowd, by being competitive and working hard to get the ball back when we lose it. And yes, that includes scoring and defending at free kicks and corners.

Not too much to ask is it............

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