On a lighter note.
(Yesterday, 02:42 PM)Hopalong Wrote:
(Yesterday, 02:36 PM)Duffers Wrote: Lady D has only ever been to one game with me - a 2-1 win against Bolton in 2012ish.

Football really isn’t her thing.

Not really yours is it mate - the bollocks you spout!   Tongue Heart

Big Grin
My son's missus has no interest whatsoever in football but she once asked him, what was it with villa as ALL their fans are absolute gobshites.
Mrs Midge's family are all spuds, including some STH's. She's been to 1 spurs game, at WHL in the away end with me so I'm of the opinion she's turned her back on her family. She's been to a few Albion games, first 1 was Leicester at home I think, we lost. Last one was 7-1 QPR game with the twins on board, coincidentally was my last game as well.
In the form of his life.
(Yesterday, 02:14 PM)Black Lake Victoria Wrote: Same, as do my sons over Wolves.....but for me the big one is Saturday!

I always thought Villa were our biggest rivals...

*dons tin hat*
She's Bolton.

From a long line of clog wearing, flat cap bothering, northerners.

& there's no hope changing her. None at all.
(Yesterday, 03:31 PM)Baggy Bruin Wrote: She's Bolton.

From a long line of clog wearing, flat cap bothering, northerners.

& there's no hope changing her. None at all.

Bolton at home was the one and only game my missus went to with me. We sat in the Halfords for some reason and it was a dreary 0-2 loss to a BFS side ('99-00, I think). BFS swore at one of the officials at which point some old dear stood up and shouted at him for being so rude. I then stood up and shouted "Yeah, don't be so rude, you fat bastard", which got a couple of chuckles.

Cue face like thunder from the missus; that was it for her.
Hubby is a Baggies supporter but rarely attends games. He goes a few times ( 3 or 4 max) a season and doesn’t understand fanatics like me! He also is one of the strange breed that wants all local clubs to do well and often moans at me about my hatred of villa and wolves. He actually drives me mad whist watching games together on tv as he says he is able to remain neutral and often comes down on the opposing team’s side when major decisions go against us!
One early girlfriend’s first match happened to be Albion 7 Coventry 1. I had to explain that it wasn’t usually like that.
(Yesterday, 02:02 PM)Black Lake Victoria Wrote: I ain't saying my wife was a Villa fan when I met her but she came from a family where the men were all Vilers and if asked she would have said she supported Villa.

She came to her first game with me 1994 Charlton at home in the pouring rain (there was a pocket of Addicks in the SME corner without their tops on in such horrendous weather), night match it was, we won 2-0.

Her second game was Pompey away (Peggy Ashcroft survival game at Fratton Park).........she's mad Baggies now (season ticket holder with my sons)

Did she wear her Villa shirt at Fratton? I remember a woman getting dogs abuse that day for wearing her Villa shirt. Her bloke looked properly fucked off with her!  Big Grin
Only ever took my missus to 2 matches, first was a league cup(?) game at home to Derby when we lost 5-1. High winds that night and a tree nearly fell on the car on the way there.
Second game was away to Bolton who had a certain Bob Taylor in their team. Our fans were singing his name throughout the 1st half, so much so that at half time she told me she thought we were playing in white! I gave up after that and she hasn’t been since.

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