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(46 minutes ago)Poppy’s dad Wrote:
(1 hour ago)ChamonixBaggie Wrote: I would sympathise but any Albion fan who somehow ends up a Bears fan deserves everything they get


I know, I get this all the time, but I was born and raised in smethwick, a mates dad took us to the bears one Sunday afternoon, John player league it was, big John Jameson smashed the ball all over the place, that began the love affair with the bears, I was a member for years and have travelled the country far and wide watching them, had some amazing days and my heart broke a few times, the Dermot Reeves years were the most special ones, so many lords finals and a few wins against the pears, to be fair the pears have had the better of us recently, cricket and Albion are my passions

You and me both - So glad to have test cricket back on!!

Cricket isn't as partisan as Football and I'm not particularly bothered by the bears - but I have really enjoyed the Pears recent dominance of the Bears ... Barkers slip to gift us a win in the 50 overs comp a few years ago a particular highlight. 

Does anyone remember when we played at Seal park in 12/13 and the Seal Bears did a parade around the pitch? I have have thought of them as one and the same since that day ....

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