Big Cyrille
Probably the saddest Albion related day of my life - My first real memory of the Albion was the Cyrille goal of the season strike against Norwich, sat in the old Family Stand with my old man. Big Cyrille was without a doubt my first hero as a young lad. Built like a Roman God, I was in awe of him.
I've met some of the people I looked up to over the years.

Of these icons, achievers, Cyrille stood with the most depth of character and human class.

I'm so glad he is Albion.
Met him a few times as a kid around the ground and at various club events. Even as a kid he had a way with people making them feel at ease but still had an aura about him. Still haven't forgiven them for losing that day.
In the form of his life.
My number one footballing hero as a kid. RIP Cyrille
Always poignant for me because I was visiting my Dad who died three days later at the time, two of my role models gone in 4 days. RIP big man
Saw Cyrille's first goals v Rotherham and Boro, plus the Norwich FA Cup strike. Unashamedly proud to say that.
Took my daughter down for the Southampton memorial game and once stood amongst the tributes at the Astle gates just began blubbing like a baby. Pride, nostalgia, love of my club and of that man. Can't imagine doing that for many people.

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