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Pardew here till end of season
So they’ve accepted we’re relegated then?? 9 games 27 points, somebody just may of come in and won 5-6 games, we will never know because with the present set up we won’t win another game. Mind blowing the incompetence. Surely to god they should have tried- gets me really angry. 9 games is almost a quarter of a season!!! No other club would have made this decision.
(03-13-2018, 11:27 PM)Birdman1811 Wrote:
(03-13-2018, 11:27 PM)CrossBar Wrote: All fair enough , have a horrid feeling Pardew will start next season.

Not without a drastic improvement.

Thats what worries me , few better results/ performances and his pal Nicky still around.....
I read it as saying if he doesn’t keep us up, he’s on his bike.

Which he needs to be.
When you need a miracle-get Jesus!!
Going to Bournemouth and will give the team all my support but at every opportunity I will be giving Pardew as much stick as possible.This guy is the most useless arrogant man we have ever had as manager..We are going to keep him on until the summer and literally wave the white flag when loyal supporters are paying out good money.I still say it was not a hard job to take on,there is very little difference between the bottom ten in the Premier League.Swansea have turned it round through just changing the manager and being better organised after being described as useless and not good enough.A good manager is everything and unfortunately we appointed the worst one possible.I just hope that all the fans turn on Pardew and make it so hostile that he quits.
Decent assessment and summary.
Lai must also take responsibility for letting it go too far, when the correct action, taken at the correct time may have prevented our current predicament.
Now we have boxed ourselves into a corner, where, with a quarter of the season left we have no real practical alternative but to stick to a failed plan with a failed Manager and a squad with a miniscule level of confidence, looking over their shoulders for their next move. We have collectively given up.
The whole Club is like sleeping beauty, waiting for Prince Relegation to wake us up from a self-induced coma

Don't see how Pardew can possibly stand in the Technical area for the next home game, knowing that we all know he is only there because we cant afford to get rid of him and that 23,000 people in the ground unanimously think he is a twat.

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