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(03-14-2018, 09:32 AM)Gewonenzow Wrote: If the club had offered up Pardew, Warnock or Redknapp last November I’d have struggled to fit a fag paper between the three of them. Ironically, poor results is the only thing that’s stopped Pardew from being a complete twat. You can add Supergran to the list as well.

We don’t need any more of this type, for crying out loud. There’s a whole world of football to choose from. Work out what sort of club we want to be, what sort of football we want to play, and go out and find a manager that fits the bill. Pay compensation if necessary; it’s the most important role at the club.

Such common sense but those running the club have proved time and time again that it's all short term thinking in almost all they do.

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