School Dinners
(5 hours ago)The liquidator Wrote: You have to call out the reckless parents.

And the rich scroungers, and the people that inefficiently waste our tax money. That all costs more.
In the end birdy the parents are responsible for their own kids.....
(5 hours ago)The liquidator Wrote: In the end birdy the parents are responsible for their own kids.....

Did you read my post earlier by the way.

Notice you ignored that one since it doesn't fit your narrative
What is my narrative as you think you know we well enough please explain and I will gladly dissect it for what it is.
(5 hours ago)Derek Hardballs Wrote:
(6 hours ago)The liquidator Wrote: Look at any of my posts where have I said I want to punish the kids I'm pointing out that some parents alot more than you think put themselves first........ I'm for opening everything up so the kids can eat a goid meal..... I would make it law while you are at school you have a meal most of us would pay higher taxes for that.....

But we know there are feckless parents but sadly thats where we are as a society. It doesn’t help the children going hungry to lump everyone together, it solves nothing.

This, it's really very simple.

As folk have said it's a parent's duty to feed their kids but some can't. Some can't due to addiction, and being feckless but some genuinely can't because they simply haven't got the money. How do you differentiate and remember, this was never about parents but kids going hungry. I've been discussing this very thing today. I'm ashamed to live in a developed, supposedly rich country, where more and more people rely on food banks and kids, regardless of their parents' social or financial status. 

It aint the fault of the kids. It's extremely upsetting all of this.
Mr 2011
I've said already it should be law that from infants until you leave school it should be mandatory for kids to have school meals it should be law that they are there if they need them..... But hey ho that's a not in my narrative.

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