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Tomorrow - Biggest match since...?
(01-12-2018, 02:10 PM)cunninghamismagic Wrote: The more I think about it the more I'm convinced we'll win tomorrow

hope your right , but we'e played teams a lot worse than Brighton and lost and they are still the same crap players we have to pick from thanks to our yes men in the boardroom .
I think for the fans that this feels like a seminal moment. The defeats at Swansea, Stoke and to a lesser degree West Ham were hard to take.
It’s possible we could lose again but then hit on some great run, but it just doesn’t seem too likely.
I’ve woken up more nervous than usual about the match and this surely is being replicated by all of us.
If we’d won more recently I could feel different.
A very big day.
I'm resigned to relegation but this last week has made me realise how deep my connection with our great football club is. I think, almost subconsciously, the game and by extension our fate is on my mind. This week alone I've had a conversation with my old man about '68. He went to the 2nd replay against Liverpool at Maine Road. I've also sent some links on Whatsapp to the 5-3 and the Atkinson era more generally to my mates down here (the boring, souless home counties). It was a general discussion about football which invariably around this way involves talking about fucking Arsenal. I felt I needed to show to the guys what it means to me to support this magnificent football club. Lose today and the boy and I will be gutted but we'll still have our connection to the Albion and we'll still love them unconditionally whatever happens. I out hope the players and Manager feel even just 10% of the way we all do and get the win today. Come on you Baggie Boys!!!
Well said UCE. Albion go to the core of us and come rain or shine it’s the way.
(01-12-2018, 09:24 PM)Foo Fighters Wrote: At least we haven’t started to get excited when teams above us drop points

Oh... we did that a couple of MONTHS ago.

Corrected for you

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