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Albion Assembly
Meeting this Thursday. Does anybody want me to raise anything?
Ask the club to take the full allocation for Liverpool with free coach travel. (Pat Frost)
Ask Hammond if being shit at his job comes naturally or did he have to practice really hard.
Try & get their understanding on risk of breaching FFP. Can’t recall any team being deducted points.
Definitely the reason why we have had such an abysmal transfer acquisition policy over the last 2-3 years. What are the directors measured on in terms of their effectiveness and drive to move the club forward and who is responsible for rectifying their complete failures?
There is a start!
(01-09-2018, 09:21 AM)richbaggie Wrote: Meeting this Thursday. Does anybody want me to raise anything?


For the love of God, sweet baby Jesus, the Archangels and all of the saints - could the club please finally pull their collective thumbs from out of their arseholes and finally sign two decent forwards to give us an outside chance of survival please.
Can we ask about playing the liquidator as the teams come out the tunnel and playing it in full as opposed to the ridiculous 30 secs before KO?
In the form of his life.
Can you and other members of the Assembly apologise on behalf of the fans for the predicament the club currently finds itself in.
Please raise the question of traffic flow (and safety) on the motorway island (particularly) before the game.

Can the club liaise with the local Plod to improve the situation?
I know the Assembly isn’t designed to discuss on the field matters, but in the interests of the fans, can you ask about accountability for this season, the rationale behind standing by TP for so long, and who’s heads will roll come relegation?

I’d imagine there will be a standard “clearing of the air” prior to the meeting beginning

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