Jobs for the boys and girls...
Draining the swamp... of course they’re not

They’re just filling up a new swamp a VoteLeave type swamp
Stuff like this which means I could never vote Tory, even if they turned round and announced a bunch of progressive policies. Completely untrustworthy, stuffing OUR money into their mates pockets. Anyone who decries the NHS wasting money should be fuming at this (though he won't be).
Another example of excellent public procurement.
It's not really to do with the public/private debate though is it? That's just a frequently repeated way of avoiding the real issue.

It's about cronyism and corruption. If we're going to have the proper argument (the nation that is, not you and I - no bugger would tune in to listen to that) it needs to be the one about generations of back-scratching and patronage - so embedded as to be considered unexceptional - and how we flush that out of the system; public, private, third sector - anywhere it's happening. Lord knows there's plenty to go at.

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