The Return of Brexit
This is the first paragraph from The Leave Alliance (no I’ve never heard of them either)...

This is a Leave supporting group btw.

1. Any serious examination our #Brexit trade negotiations suggests the UK is playing silly buggers and was never sincere about a deal and we're just going through the motions to pretend we tried. The headbangers have won. So now it's for them to explain what comes next.
Get with the correct phraseology Dekka, it's an Australian style deal not no deal.
I've just had a look at their site: not much I could make any sense of, but I thought this response was fair enough...

"You fought for this so you own it..."

The general gist seems to be that they didn't know it would turn out like this, the hardliners have seized the initiative and it's all so unfair. Fuck knows how they'll cope with puberty.
Very strange bunch. As per usual with a certain subsection of leavers, "snivelling, lefty remainers" are to blame for that fact its been a shitshow from square 1 and the world would be sunshine and rainbows if everyone had just 'accepted the result'. Morons.
There was a narrow but clear referendum result, a decisive General Election result (albeit at the second time of asking and with a whisper it quietly, the remain parties outvoted the leave parties), so now it is up to the Govt to guide us through Brexit as they see fit.

They own it, they are responsible for what happens next. If it is a success they will deservedly get the plaudits, if it is a failure they will deservedly get the brickbats.
Lizz Truss not about cheese
(07-09-2020, 07:57 AM)Derek Hardballs Wrote: Lizz Truss not about cheese

If the UK adopted the sensible policy of unilateral free trade then this wouldn't be a problem.

It's only the tax establishment and protectionists who're worried about smuggling, just as they were in the days of Jamaica Inn.
Cutting red tape
The lingering consequences of Covid-19 (and for who knows how long that will be), the aftershock of Brexit (and who knows what that will even look like), these clowns in charge of steering the ship until at least 2024. Generations to come, mostly low-paid - that's the lucky ones who can find employment - will be picking up the tab for this.

“Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive. But to be young was very heaven.” William Wordsworth
When those in Kent voted for Brexit I wonder if they had the Farage Garage in mind? 

Farage Garage

£93m today pledged today to persuade us its going to be great.

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