Reading v Brentford - shite
We're doomed.
(06-30-2020, 10:50 AM)Ted Maul Wrote: Brentford's results are irrelevant if we start doing our job again.

What has it come to that West Bromwich Albion are looking over their shoulders worrying about Brentford FFS?!

Let's just get it right on Wednesday, against Wednesday.
PPG. End the season!
If we don’t get a result tomorrow, we could be 3rd come kick off against Hull.
We'll be looking up the table to them on Saturday.

we match brentford and forests' results over the next 7 games, we get promoted.
Big IF,but win our next 2 and hopefully a resurgent Wigan can get a result.Would look healthier then with an 8 point gap again.Lets see how our lot react tomorrow.They need to come out of the blocks like they want it. Biggest game of the season again!
We have a game in hand, if we win that we are 5 points clear again, if we don't we are still 2 points clear. If we match or better Brentford's results then they cannot catch us. If we can't do that then questions will be asked and rightly so.
Reading 0- Brentford 2
Oh well.
Up to our lot to get their figures out now and show a bit if urgency and make our quality count.
That said, very disappointing that we have allowed our commanding position slip so easily and at such a vital time.

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