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Swansea tickets
(12-08-2017, 09:46 AM)cunninghamismagic Wrote:
(12-08-2017, 09:43 AM)Duffmon Wrote:
tiptontown Wrote:
Duffmon Wrote:I’m guessing that we aren’t going to sell out West Ham before they go on general sale next Monday. Will go to that one, easy trip for me.
That's a game I was going to until it was put back a day, which scuppered that idea.

Yeah I can imagine a lot of people have been put off now - Tuesday night kick off on the first day a lot of people will be back in work after Christmas.

Think we've only taken 1500 allocation for West Ham.
What was the Liverpool allocation?
According to the OS, there's an initial allocation of 936. Doesn't say any more about taking any more tickets.
Got my ticket but far too ill past few days so can't travel Sad
Pray for the 936.

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