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Thanks lads
(12-05-2017, 11:29 AM)Ossian Wrote: I said exactly this to my wife yesterday: if Corbyn is smart he would offer - on an item by item basis - to support the government on areas of common ground. If, in doing that, he marginalised the DUP, then so much the better.

Sadly I'm not sure Corbyn is enough of a pragmatist to engage in Realpolitik.

The DUP aren't against all of the UK staying in the Customs Union.

Ruth and her 13 Scottish Tory MPs are on board.
The DUP's dilemma lies in what kind of Brexit it can continue to support against a background of NI's overwhelmingly Remain vote. A pragmatic centre/left opposition would be 15 points ahead at the moment.
An academic viewpoint. Well worth reading.
Arlene is shouting "we can't have different rules to the rest of the U.K."
Conveniently forgetting the DUP won't allow gay marriage or abortion. Fucking throwbacks

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