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(06-23-2020, 12:19 PM)igorbalis Wrote: I compare BLM to the Rock against Racism campaign - there will no doubt be Marxists and also people who have never heard or read any Marx, but what matters most is that maybe some people will start taking an interest in what Marx and Engels had to say about capitalism and how racism will only ever be overcome when capitalism is replaced by socialism in the true sense of the word.

Working Men of All Countries Unite!

Stalin wasn’t a Marxist then or the USSR. He was quite fond on ‘Cleansing’ ethnic minorities.
Certain ethnic groups were deported to Siberia including: Tatars, Balkans, Chechens, Hungarians, Estonians and of course Jews.
Ukrainians were subjected to an enforced famine (Holodomor splg)
There was a genocide of Cossacks. Poles were persecuted and murdered.
Yep, Socialist workers of the world unite.

There aren't many powerful empires that come out well

Potato Famine
Indian famine
African Concentration camps
American Germ Warfare.

That's more a reflection of humanity, rather than a political movement or a nation.
Exactly. Human nature will out. Political mores are irrelevant.

I started to post something like this but got bored with my own post - Agree with that

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