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I would suggest everyone here read Rachel Shabi’s article on Covid and the privatisation of the NHS in the New York Review of Books in order to see what should not happen to a nation like ours in a crisis. It is not only heart rending and harrowing but anabashedly coruscating in its destruction of the Tory’s covert dismantling on the tender process for Private gain under the camouflage of a pandemic. Calling in private companies for multi-million pound contracts that not only failed to deliver but ignored statistical analysis and process when existing systems under state control could have done the job; and inevitably utilising such organisations in which Tory MP’s and even ministers had financial interests. It is a national scandal and one which the so-called biased state controlled media has completely failed to investigate.
(07-10-2020, 04:46 PM)baggy1 Wrote: Hardly gibberish, funding the state properly wouldn't have left us in the mess we are in. Strong leadership isn't something that is only in totalitarian states.
It is gibberish if you can't explain what a "fully funded state" is.
I'd argue the state is more than "fully funded" and ought to retreat from swathes of current direct provision. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't agree.

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