Watching live games when the league restarts
(06-16-2020, 06:24 AM)Fulham Fallout Wrote: Just noticed that to watch ifollow on phone / android box, you need to download the app as viewing the internet page via a browser (on phone / android box) won’t work.

Links at bottom of this page


I e just spotted the following on the OS.whixh means you don’t have to download the app But need to change security setting.  I’d advise you out the security setting back on after each game

Please note: In order to use iFollow with Safari, you will need to edit your privacy settings.
Desktop: Safari > Preferences > Privacy > then uncheck 'Prevent cross-site tracking'
iOS: Settings > Safari > then uncheck 'Prevent cross-site tracking'

Alternatively, please use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox..

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