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Leo's gonna get ya
And the biggest deluded bullshitter of all
LIam Fox
It's not up to Liam you fuckwit
Just as you said you wouldn't be paying any or hardly any Brexit did
Just as you said you would decide on EU citizens in the didn't
It's up to the EU you unhinged twat. Stop lying to the British people
There I feel better now. Liam loves this bored 3.44 % ITK
Ireland got and gets yoog benefits out of EU and EURO membership. EU solidarity funds helped develop the country; the effective undervaluation of the EURO for the strong economies gives them (including Ireland, Holland and Germany) massive competitive advantages. And that's not to mention their offshoring advantages.
Yep 40 years in a row a net beneficiary. Only recently did we start putting in more than we get out. when we joined the EU Ireland was a kick up the arse from being a third world country. Same as Italy Portugal and Greece.
I'm not arguing to stay in or leave but I remember driving around the country in the 90s and every fuckin road had "funded by the EU" signs over it. Roads with asphalt and tarmacadam not boreens with grass growing up the middle of the track.
I think polls say remain would win over here.

Plus we've had 5m euro of EU money restoring our bogs. You can't argue with that Proth.
That's about the same amount as the bogs at the Albion need spending on em

Here's a one sided view of what have the Romans ever done for us?
Like I said. You don't need them anymore.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Just heard Iain Duncan Smith on @Channel4News saying Ireland is taking a hard line on the border because "there's a presidential election coming up".
He also thinks Czechoslovakia is a country
You are being Led by donkeys
(11-28-2017, 08:59 PM)Donegal Wrote: Iain Duncan Smith thinks Czechoslovakia is a country

It probably was when he was alive.
The woman in the red hat

Cutting political analysis but what a bunch of ignorant fecks. FF says we are the thick ones

We have these hypocritical eejits

Well I'm off to the Mansion House for a wee Xmas drink with our own FF/FG cabal on the 20th. Myshoes are being polished for Tory Leo but I need a crash course in subtlety.
How the feck has Geldof found £150m?

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