Robert Plant on Black Sabbath
(05-30-2020, 01:13 PM)Bromley Baggie 2 Wrote:
(05-30-2020, 12:15 PM)Kit Kat Chunky Wrote:
(05-30-2020, 11:23 AM)Squid Wrote: I don't know about all of Judas Priest, but Ian Hill the bassist, is a Baggie.

Not the sharpest tool in the box, but a nice guy. Didn't make as much money as the others, because he didn't write too many songs. 

Ken Downing was the most objectionable, from my personal experience.

My cousin knows KK through her work and she said he's a lovely guy.

Each to their own  Smile Smile
(05-30-2020, 04:36 PM)Jezstatham Wrote: Robert Plant was at art college with my mother in law. always playing his guitar and singing up the corner in the local coffee shops. They used to laugh because they didn't think he would become anything. He lives local to Kinver doesn't he? . I saw him in sports direct in Merryhill a few months ago looking at trainers. He could have bought the entire shopping centre if he wanted to. He's very good friends with a lady I know who's family are all friends with his. She bumped into him in Bewdley a while ago while window shopping and she ended up going back to his place for afternoon tea and a reminisce. He's always supporting local causes and I've bumped into him in pubs all over Stourbridge. Only problem is he's a bloody Wolves fan!.

Oh and talking about Judas Priest my mate Mitchell Tiptons uncle is Glen Tipton. When we went to Earls High school Glen was living at the bottom of Furnace Hill on the Dudley Road in Halesowen.
I had no idea who he was at the time I was more into ska and two tone.

Fair play to Plant for staying local, not many rock stars do.
(05-28-2020, 08:11 PM)Kit Kat Chunky Wrote: Bevan is 100% a dingle.

Recall home sponsoring an Albion game in the 70s. 
Villa fans are chunts

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