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Tony Pulis' honest assessment of why West Brom haven't been winning games

I presume this is just made up or the bloke is completely deluded. 
He could get away with his 3 ‘must play’ midfielders against the likes of Chelsea if he played 4 at the back ffs. The 5 3 2 is what’s done him. Tit.
Still refusing to accept any blame whatsoever.
(11-14-2017, 09:20 PM)billybassett Wrote:

I presume this is just made up or the bloke is completely deluded. 

Has he really fugging said that? If so, I wouldn't sack him - I'd send him to Broadmoor
The cunt needs lynching
“I don’t think the performances have been that bad”

Really? Fucking hell!!!!
We could be higher if it wasn't for individual mistakes, but we have been playing terribly and the three in midfield would still be questioned.

Hopefully what he's saying and what he actually believes are different because this suggests that he doesn't think anything is wrong, so nothing will change.
The bit that sums it up for me is when he says no-one has given us a hiding

He judges our performances on how well the opposition have performed against us rather than the other way round
I think the club needs to stop him speaking to reporters unless he really has to.
When he does after a match it total.bollocks

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