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After TP
Michael O'Neill, anyone?
we'll need a bigger tent?
It's a yes from me. But he'll more than likely go Rangers if wanted club football.
No thanks.
No thanks, totally different ball game
jesus its like a second coming if you had him
First thing on his to do list sell Evans to a big club. Next get a chauffeur, next play exactly the same type of football that TP gets berated for.

It’s a no from me.
Remember when Lawrie Sanchez got a PL job off the back of doing well with Northern Ireland? How well did that go?
If we wanted a manager to work with a small group of players that had limited ability and get the best out of them by stifling the opposition and hard work we appoint someone like Tony Pulis who might be available soon I hear.

We've made a step forward in the type of player we have and need someone to bring the best out of a bigger squad that includes some stars that don't want to run up hills but could do us a job on the pitch. We don't want to completely re-invent the way that we play, we need to evolve it. Michael O'Neill is a unproven Pulis - if that's the option we may as well stick.
its would be a like for like but with more risk, no thanks

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