Oh the irony
(05-25-2020, 07:38 AM)Pneumann Wrote: I don't want him sacked; I wish to continue to see him up there until the next election next to Johnson in his full hypocritical resplendence

I want him sacked, because public compliance with any future instructions will be compromised.

The Tories have already lost the next election as long as Labour provide a credible alternative and the Trotsky's dont hijack them again.
(05-25-2020, 07:15 AM)The liquidator Wrote:
(05-24-2020, 09:27 PM)baggy1 Wrote: No rage here mate, just enjoying you Tory mugs circling the wagons for someone that wouldn’t give you the drips off his cock. Hysterical

What part of I dont care dont you understand.....if it was starmer etc I would say the same thing every situation is different......its not exactly going round you bit on the side to bat scuttle her is it ......I'm just going to log onto twitter to see the pant wetting it's on par with the brexit result for a meltdown......

Yes he should be sacked but he wont be it's totally unfair but fuck me grown men pissing their pants is laughable...

Glad we agree  Big Grin
No matter what your political alliance, you must be concerned about this shambles IF you can about our country and the public suffering whilst the elite bend rules to suit.

Fantastic monologue form O'Brien (don't agree with him on many things) on LBC just - not political just reason and FACTS !
This whole situation sums up the mess the Tories are in. Boris is deeply unpopular amongst the parliamentary party - throughout his life people who have known him well seem to have disliked and mistrusted him. They backed him when it became the only way to unite the party and get the British public behind them. Don't believe for a moment that he will be leader for long.

Then there's Cummings. He isn't a very presentable human being. He is quite clearly the only influence on Boris - Boris who actually isn't very competent and has the attention span of a three year old. Cummings is fervently anti-establishment, and basically a purveyor of chaos theory. Which is very much not what the Conservative Party stands for (OK I'm taking a leap there. Mostly the Tories believe in self-preservation these days. It's increasingly difficult to spot any other constant theme). Nobody in the government, not even Boris's staunchest supporter, is happy that Cummings wields such power. But they all know it's unsustainable, the Tory machine will eventually remove Boris. So who is best placed to step in? They're all playing the "long game".

Personally I want Cummings and Johnson to remain in place while the virus takes it toll, then no-deal Brexit rips the UK economy to shreds. I want the Tories to shake off this Britannia Unchained madness, this free market, Britain stands alone, xenophobic shite and become a party of competent government. For this to happen, the blame for the mess we are making of things now needs to fall where it belongs. So go for it, PM Cummings and your scruffy glove puppet Boris!!!

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