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Closing down a VAT registered Company
Many thanks everybody!
(11-13-2017, 09:09 PM)Albionmad Wrote:

I suggest you do this ASAP as it's an offense to carry on as registered if you are no longer have any turnover. 

Is it limited, partnership or sole trader?

If it's limited

I suspect that they want you to think you're dependent on them and want to fleece you before you're off their books

Might be being a bit pedantic, but just in case the above worries the original poster, it's not an offense to carry on as registered if you don't have any turnover. It's an offense if you no longer INTEND to have any turnover. For instance, if you were sick, you were in development, research, or particularly if you failed to find new orders, you would be okay. This is more to stop people using a non-trading company to avoid tax or to hide money, rather than anything else.

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