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Next Election
Not sure what the odds are but I can't see May lasting much longer. Brexit negotiations are going to get worse before better and rank and file are starting to openly criticize. There are talks that upto 40 MP's have agreed to support a vote of no confidence in her.
Agree, although it is unbelievable she has lasted this long.

Whether that will actually trigger an election though, I doubt. You can see with the 1bn bribe to the DUP that this lot will cling to power for as long as they can.

The longer the cling, the bigger the fall.
a) Turkeys don't vote for Christmas - Can't see many Tory MP's taking a risk that they would lose their seats
b) Last election may well be as good as it gets for Labour. There is little change in the polls since the election and considering the mess the Government is in, as Blair said Labour should be 20points ahead by now. Most people will return to their safe vote, the Tories can't possibly run such a crap campaign again and Corbyn's promises have been shown to be airy fairy uncosted crap
I think they'll try to hang on by any means possible; if you're prepared - a week after patronising a NHS worker with the 'No magic money tree' line - to find a £1bn bribe to persuade a bunch of misogynist homophobes to prop up your government, then you're probably pretty determined. Misogynist homophobes, by the way, whose core constituencies overwhelmingly voted the same way as me in the EU referendum - there's a comforting thought!

To me, this is redolent of the Major government of 1992-97, although I can't picture a 180 seat Labour landslide at the end of this one. Corbyn is untouchable right now, and he's earned that, but I'm not persuaded that there aren't better ways of winning.
(11-13-2017, 08:19 AM)Heath Wrote: Agree, although it is unbelievable she has lasted this long.

I think she is an enormous flop and to think some were labelling her the next MT ...

That said, she has shown resolve given so many on both sides of the house want her gone,
that is to her credit IMO plus that the EU negotiators would love more division to ramp up
the pressure to settle.
Not sure I'd use the term resolve, think it is more stubborn ignorance.

Agree no chance of Labour hitting any kind of landslide with Corbyn but also little chance any of the 40% that voted for them last time changing course next.
Amuses me as much today as it did then.

[Image: Daily-Mail-18-01-musiata.jpg?w=1170]
And yet she's still ahead of Corbyn in who'd make the best PM.
(11-13-2017, 12:35 PM)Protheroe Wrote: And yet she's still ahead of Corbyn in who'd make the best PM.

That's a high benchmark. Personally I'm with the leader of that race, "Don't Know".
I think the main reason she's stayed so long is that no one else wants the job at the moment. If Brexit happens they'll all want it but who would want this mess currently? Its like navigating the artic in winter in an inflatable boat

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