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It's Chriiiisssstmaaaaasssss!!!
OK, I know that for the purists, Christmas starts in December, and in general, I'm fine with that. But the tradition in the Killer household is that on this weekend every year, the festivities start. It's the baking of the Christmas cake.

CDs are on the go. Christmas compilation and some top festive Andy Williams crooning - "Do you hear what I hear?" Yes Andy, I've got the volume full up! Chris Rea's looking at the driver next to him. And no Chris, he's not 'just the same'. Unless by coincidence the driver next to you is a multi-millionaire gravelly voiced Geordie musician.

Juniorkiller's beating the eggs, butter and sugar. Mrs Killer's giving instructions and generally overseeing the whole operation but getting totally frustrated with the realisation that no one's listening to her. Junior's playing air guitar and generally assing around, and DK's not exactly discouraging her and is scoffing shed loads of glacé cherries. 

I suspect the cake mixture's gone magnificently awry because this cake appears to be 97% fruit - like Kylie asking me to hurry down her chimney tonight. Anyway, it's in the oven now. Roy and Noddy are banging out their chunes and I'm getting a warm glow from the sneaky Jackie D I've just poured down me. "When you land upon your head then you've been Slade" - still the best festive lyric of all time.

Yes it's the international break, and I'm as bored as the next man. But this little slice of 1950s style homeliness in 2017 is brought to you to remind you that everything doesn't have to be grim and nasty, doom and gloom. So stop your petty sniping (actually don't, it's a pisser), make the most of what you've got, save the lynx, and always remember to scoop-up and eat whatever's left of your cake mix - the bit your mum always used to save for you. It's the best bit.

Let me be the first to wish you, one and all, a very Merry Christmas.

Had the mulled wine on the go yesterday, it's better just to embrace the madness. Merry Christmas!
Does not start until 1st Dec at the earliest.
(11-11-2017, 05:51 PM)ASOGF Wrote: Had the mulled wine on the go yesterday, it's better just to embrace the madness. Merry Christmas!

Exactly. It happens every year, so we've had time to to prepare. Just enjoy the good bits of it. There's plenty if you want there to be. *

* This won't stop me moaning like a drain at the pointless shopping side of it.   Rolleyes

Never been the same since my dad died on Christmas Day from a brain haemorrhage

But.... I do my best to put on a happy face for my kids

The shitty thing is we have 2-3 months every year of Christmas stuff everywhere to remind us of that awful day.


I really feel sorry for my mom, lost her husband on Christmas Day and her dad on a New Year’s Eve. The two special days of the year. What are the chances of that? Ok, 2/365 * 1/365.
(11-11-2017, 05:56 PM)supamart Wrote: Does not start until 1st Dec at the earliest.

This is going well.  Big Grin

Don’t peak too soon!!
Baking the cake as a family timeout is a great thing to do and in the real spirit of the season. Apart from that Christmas should not exist in any shape or form until December. The 1st if you have to, but the 23rd would be fine for me.
Okay, DK, happy christmas.

Now can we not mention it again for the next six weeks?

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