(05-25-2020, 10:02 AM)Spandaubaggie Wrote: The left is the far left for these purposes. I really don’t know what other phrase to use! 
Maybe the hypersensitive left is a better description- those who bristle at people saying something accusational at a minority even if it appears to be the truth.

I took the skit as meaning keep engaging. It was the arrogant belief that the argument was so evidently won and the opposition view so obviously wrong that only idiots would go along with it. They felt it wasn't even worth debating as they must be idiots to believe trump. Funnily enough, people don't like to be seen as idiots, so rather than change their mind, they became even more staunch in their support. So Trump won.

I don't think it was suggesting that the left is particularly guilty of name-calling. Both sides are guilty of insulting, rather than debating - Gammon/snowflake,  remoaner/racist/anti-semetic etc., it's just that it was self defeating for the left side of the argument at this point in time.

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