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Taking the West Bromwich out of Albion would it benefit us?
Arsenal are a great club who have had no need to define themselves by their geography and dare I say it Villa have hardly been geographically affiliated by the tiny suburb of Birmingham they are from. There are other examples to.
However, I wonder if the somewhat dour Black Country club thing that some use to define us is our undoing in the modern age?
Most of us have no affiliation to West Bromwich any more than Villa fans do Aston and by labelling ourselves with the name of what really is a crap town are we really doing ourselves a disservice?
After all we are on the edge of the 2nd biggest city in the UK and really is the West Bromwich thing hampering us as much as Oldham, Barnsley, Walsall, Wigan and equally uninspiring towns.
If we were to the media Albion FC in a similar way to Arsenal AFC I wonder what impact it would have had.
It is true though that generally when talking to Midlanders most of us call ourselves Albion fans, but when talking to people further away call ourselves West Brom fans.
Our identity certainty is something worth considering and maybe the club know that hence much more the emphasis on Albion in the logo in recent years.
Interesting post, like it.
Fucking hell
No. Absolutely not. It sounds like some wanky marketing project.

We are Albion from West Brom. West Bromwich Albion.
We would be top of the league every season!
I've no connection to West Bromwich (can't ever recall going into the town centre). But the name is iconic. So no change please.
Looking at it from a marketing aspect, a full scaling back project could be implemented, affording a new, dynamic and symmetrical name and identity. This would be achieved by dropping the name of the town that the club originated from (noone in Asia cares) and dropping the 5 supplementary letters.

We could therefore be known as:



"A FC"
nope, i know its old fashioned and my not even be relevant anymore but to me football should still have a link to the community or area a club is from. Mot clubs were originally set up as works teams or by a local church to provide leisure and sporting opportunity to local workers.
I know times have moved on, but just look at the buzz the whole city of Leicester is feeling right now.
I'm a brummie but have a deep affection for the black country which i probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for the team i follow and its association with a black country town.
Tradition gets trampled on too easily these days. Take away the roots and what are you left with? For what it's worth, as a Stokie, I love your name. Proper football club name, and more power to it.
Good post (out of the box thinking.)
I however would hate the idea...its what we are know as and who we are.

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