Schools to open or not?
(05-16-2020, 04:37 PM)baggiebuckster Wrote: I won't be sending my kids back in June.

I think that the little educational value they will gain from at best 6 weeks of schooling on a part-time basis is not worth the risk. I am fortunate to work from home so I am more than happy to continue overseeing the home schooling for now.

I understand that people will say 'You can't stay away forever - there will always be a risk etc' and I don't dispute that. However 3 months is a relatively long time and things could be very different in terms of our understanding of this virus and there will be greater potential of therapies being discovered for treating it. It is not just the kids that are at risk - it also places our whole family at risk so that needs to be considered.

At the moment it all seems a little rushed to me and I don't see it being a gamble worth taking.


If things go well over the summer, by September there will be very few cases.

But June 1st, we won't have an accurate handle on how the initial easing of lockdown measures have gone, seems unnecessarily risky , especially given the limited rewards to be gained from the Govt's planned re-opening of schools.
Answer a few things here.

Most schools are already open. Slightly pedantic, but I'm done with people saying they're shut. Ours was also open over the Easter hols.

Teachers haven't stopped working. Again, pedantic, but just a reminder.

The reception and year 1 thing is purely for childcare so more younger parents (as most would be with those kids) can go back to work. Yes, the kids will enjoy it and learn some stuff, but this isn't about education it's about freeing parents up.

Year 6 going in is pointless other than for the same reasons as the reception and year 1. Normally this term would vital for induction to secondary school, but I know of no secondary that is running induction days. Ours has an intake of nearly 250 year 7 in September, so that's impossible at the moment.

Year 10 is different. They're missing vital class time in the run up to next summer and may already be irrevocably damaged in an educational sense by this. We're desperate to get them back in to limit the damage. However, we all need to put our sensible hats on for a minute. Even the foremost scientists and experts are still learning about this disease (I'm not going to include anyone in government in this as it agenda driven rather than based on anything scientific), and we still know very little other than children show symptoms less often than adults, but they can be carriers and shedders, and you can't have a school run without adults. Many of you have probably not stepped inside a classroom other than for parents' evening since you yourself left school. There is no such thing as social distancing in a school. Children, even year 10, don't work that way. It is going to be an absolute shit-show. If we're told to do it, we'll do it, but the sense of fear in these environments is very real.

As a hunch, I think 1st June will get pulled. The government know it is an unrealistic date anyway as was Wednesday for easing off. This is why they framed it as us needing to show 'common sense', they have their next scapegoat for when the wheels fall off and we have a second spike; us. It would be clever if it wasn't so dangerous. And when/if 1st June gets pulled, just watch for the constant vilification of teachers in parts of the media, even if we have that 2nd spike. Don't forget, if Johnson is ousted for his performance over this, there's only really Gove to take over, and we know how much he loves teachers.
I was worried when ours first went back, but it's turned out ok.
15 in a class is way too high. Part-time and groups of five for the youngest (older kids stay out) are ok; seems the rate of contagion for the under 12s is very low
When did yours start back, Pneumann? What age?
(05-16-2020, 02:09 PM)Squid Wrote: Derek - the BMA is just a union of doctors, not the final word on medical science. Plenty of doctors disagree with them.

I don't think anyone is "the enemy" and we need to move past such divisive labelling. Nor do I think that society getting back to normal is a desire solely driven by money. The Children's Commissioner of England agrees:

The children’s commissioner was employed by the government she’s hardly going to contradict them. 

The BMA is a union of highly qualified doctors I will trust them. I don’t really get the argument that because they are a union they aren’t to be listened to. I would rather them than well... 

The enemy point was in reference to papers such as the Mail trying to create a them and us narrative. They know what they are doing it’s hardly subtle.
(05-16-2020, 05:17 PM)Arti Wrote: When did yours start back, Pneumann?  What age?

Think 4 weeks ago, but only the under 12s and only in groups of 5. Taught 8-1pm, half indoors in five kid classes and half outside. Older child  (17) taught ont' tinternet.

Here, after school clubs, municipally funded and with universal access, are mostly in dedicated non-school buildings. These buildings are now instead used as classrooms, which makes the five in a class thing doable.

Maybe not possible in the UK, due to the lack of suitable space, though sports halls  and other unused space could be deployed temporarily. I would definitely not send kids back in groups of 15.
Sounds very interesting, got to say.

We're looking at half the yr10s in the morning - 90 kids max - then the other half in the afternoon. We know that many won't turn up, but if they did, we'd really struggle. Our classrooms aren't huge and 15 kids wouldn't work, but that is what we could be doing. We'll see. Like I say, I think there'll be a rethink and they'll push it another 2-3 weeks.
Open Eton first and see how it goes .
How many Private School’s are opening out of interest?

It’s heartening to hear how much the right wing media and talking heads now care about the most vulnerable kids. Perhaps the last ten years were just a dream.
They're not opening, they're working with video classes and 20-40% reduction in fees

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