100, 000 daily tests
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(05-13-2020, 07:35 PM)Borin\ Baggie Wrote: The issue is that once they've identified the strain they have to develop the new jab composition and scale up manufacturing which isn't helpful in the middle of an outbreak. Often what happens is they go through WHO data and infer what strains are prevalent in other parts of the world to plan accordingly.

RE the influenza report, that's the correct one. It will talk about all respiratory diseases but the surveillance figures pertain solely to influenza strains.

It's all interesting stuff. There seems to be a lot done to prevent the deaths by forecasting, but from what I've read, once that defence was breached, almost nothing was in place to stop flu ripping through the vulnerable. In fact, their were a lot of people calling for testing and tracking of the virus at a local level so they could isolate the vulnerable in carehomes etc. but ultimately the investment was never made and it never got done. Of course, it's easier to say in retrospect, but it does seem people died that needn't have and lessons that could have been learnt weren't. The similarities are striking.

What also came up was that I wrongly assumed we regularly tested for the flu virus. You're right to use the word 'surveillance'. I thought that would give us some lab capacity that could somehow (not easily or efficiently, but possible) be repurposed  for corona. Turns out we don't do any large scale testing of flu, even in times of crisis (see previous paragraph) so there was no capacity that we could use.

I suppose there was a reluctance to have a potentially unused expensive facility on the books. If we didn't learn that after the deaths of 28k in 2014,  I'm guessing that will change now. It would be a perfect initiative to share between a group of funding member states...

Not surprisingly, the EU has these in place (quick google revealed the Early Warning and Response System and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control  ).  Sad

Am I being nieve somehow why was spain and italy and Belgium a total car crash  then ?

We're on about flu strains?
Oh sorry pal

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